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Jacques Sakarovitch
(CNRS / Telecom ParisTech)

On the weighted closure problem

In this talk, I will address the problem of \eps-transition removal in
weighted automata that was raised in particular by the writing of the
modules for Q- and R-automata for the Vaucanson platform.

From an elementary, always solvable and well-treated, question in the
Boolean case, the same problem becomes in the most general case one that
may have no solution. Almost all earlier works on weighted automata rule
out automata in which such removal leads to infinite summation.
We give here a framework that is rigorous enough for the computation and
decision algorithms be well-founded, but large enough to encompass all
the ‘natural’ cases of weighted automata. The setting of this framework
has lead to a new characterisation of the conditions under which the
behaviour of a weighted automaton is defined.

Joint work with Sylvain Lombardy

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